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A lot of my work is inspired by the beautiful area in which I live, the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. My main vocation as a horse trainer has been a significant influence on my work. I have found that capturing the spirit of the horse with needle and thread can be almost as exciting as riding a young horse for the first time. One of my favorite pastimes was riding my horse Happy deep into the woods with drawing materials and my camera in my backpack. Happy loved these excursions. He would stand patiently munching on beech leaves while I would sit on a log and sketch. Life is good!


I sincerely hope that you enjoy perusing my quilts and glass panels. My creations are a true labor of love and an expression of the inner peace that I experience whenever I enter my studio to work. Thank you for taking the time to browse my gallery.


All my best,


When I was a small child, my ever-so-patient Grandmother taught me how to sew a beanbag by hand. The joy that I felt in making those first awkward stitches ignited a lifelong love of fabric, needle, and thread.


In 1987 I began making traditional quilts by hand when my town sponsored a beginner’s quilting class. I was hooked! After a few years, I realized that if I was going to create all of the ideas that were swimming in my head, I would have to embrace the sewing machine. I now consider my machine to be one of my best friends, allowing me to create my “not so traditional” designs

I have explored a myriad of quilting techniques over the years. In 2008, I participated in my first workshop with Ruth McDowell on how to piece pictorial quilts. This is the method that keeps me challenged and excited through its puzzle solving aspects of design. I work mostly from my own photographs and drawings to develop the intricate work that you can view on my website. What I love most about making art quilts is that the sky's the limit. If I can imagine it, I can create it!

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